Phillip's Christening Gift

Project Stats
Pattern:Bedtime Prayers - Leisure Arts book #78  Started:4/19/2003 
Fabric: 16 count ivory aida  Completed:6/13/2003 
    For: Phillip 

I wanted to make something special for my Godson's Christening, and I remembered seeing someone working on this pattern at some point. Of course, the Christening was three weeks away when I decided to make it, so poor Phillip got an IOU for the time being. I think he's probably too young to care, though!

A little less than a week after I started it, I finished the little boy. (At this point, I had the idea that maybe, just maybe, I could finish it in time. No such luck!)

As of May 15th, I finally got through the massive amounts of white in the bed - I've used almost an entire skein of DMC 3865. Blech. I worked on it a bit while visiting with 3 1/2-year-old Lizzy, who wanted to know "when are you going to get to the pretty colors?" That's what I'd like to know!

Ta-da! June 1st, and the stitching is done...almost. All that's left is the outlining and details like french knots. I did run out of the winter white color - I literally only needed 1/2 yard extra, but since I'm very efficient with thread, I think the directions should have said up-front that two skeins of that color were required.

...what a difference the outlining makes! Now, just off to the framing shop, and we can call this one a wrap!