Angel of Autumn

Project Stats
Pattern:Angel of Autumn  Started:9/20/2004 
Fabric: 32 count linen  Completed: 

I've always wanted to stitch one of these fantastic angels, and the Angel of Autumn will go perfectly in my family room. I can just picture her on the wall above my couch already...too bad I've only done about 50 stitches so far! 32 count linen is easiest to work in natural light, so she'll probably be my main weekend project, when I'm home during the most daylight hours. I'll post pictures as I go, but I don't have enough done to justify the bandwidth!

10/11/04 - making progress

It really doesn't look like an angel yet (and it won't for a while!) but I picked this up 3 weeks ago with only the teeny-tiny white/beige area inside the green loops done, so I really have made some good progress on it. I've been listening to Harry Potter 5 on tape while working on this, which is much better than trying to watch TV and keep my place at the same time!