Snowman Cross-Stitch

Project Stats
Pattern:Kit: Janlynn #89 73  Started:2000 

8/9/06 - Part 2 finished!

This was much less interesting to stitch, but it's done! The kit came with a two piece frame. Technically, I could figure out how to do it myself, but I think I'll just bring everything to my regular framer. She doesn't charge that much to frame something in a ready-made frame, and this way the finishing will look a lot more professional. After spending years (5? 10?) working on this thing, I'm not going to skimp on the finishing!

7/4/06 - Part 1 finished!

Here's the main part of this project, finished as of last night. There's a small separate section, all one color, that says "Snow! Snow! Snow!" that I still need to stitch. With a little determination, this cross-stitch will be finished and framed in plenty of time to actually hang it in my house this winter!

I'm not sure how long I've been working on this project. I keep picking it up and then putting it down for somewhat long stretches of time. Currently, it's in the "picked up" pile, so I guess it counts as a current project. It's a rather bizarre thing to work on during the height of summer, but I suppose there's a chance I might finish it before winter that way!

Snow People