Green Mountain Gardens Cardigan

Project Stats
Pattern:Green Mountain Spinnery: Green Mountain Gardens  Started:1/18/2004 
Yarn: Peruvian Collection Sierra (  Completed: 
Needles: Body - US 6/Edging - US2, US4  For: me! 

This cardigan was the main reason I splurged and bought this book. I absolutely love the Green Mountain Spinnery yarn...but the cost of a colorwork sweater is a bit more then I wanted to spend. So, when I found the Elann Sierra yarn - which is a wool/alpaca blend - the gauge was right, the color selection good, and the price was reasonable, and I just couldn't resist.

Although I do love the colors in the model sweater, I altered the color palette somewhat. The sweater shown in the model is mostly berries, black and grey, with a little green thrown in. I went with mostly blues, greens and berries, with a little natural thrown in. I think it will go very well with jeans!

1/21/2004 - charts 1 & 2 completed

Here's a peek at the beginning of the sweater...the second time through! I realized after getting through the first band and partway through the second that I had totally misread the first color chart, and had to rip out almost everything I'd done to that point. File that lesson under "Never Knit Before Morning Coffee". (Ripping out 10 rows of colorwork and picking up 215 stitches has a way of driving home a point!)

See they eyelets along the bottom edge? There's a knitted facing to this sweater, which is folded under and tacked at the end creating a lovely picot edge. Well, it will probably be lovelier when it's actually sewn - that picture makes it look like I can't cast on straight!

Quite frankly, I am pleasantly surprised at how well this sweater photographs. The colors are a tiny bit deeper in person, but it's pretty darn close!