Crayon Blanket

Project Stats
Pattern:N/A  Started:6/29/2004 
Yarn: Patons Astra  Completed:7/15/2004 
Needles: N/A  For: Sammy 

Heh. I "cheated" on this one. You don't really think I could knit 36 6" stockinette squares, sew them together, and put on a border in two weeks, do you? Well, ages ago (7 years? 10 years? I don't remember...) my parents bought me a knitting machine for Christmas. We played with it a bit, realized it didn't do anything all that interesting, it went back in the box, and migrated down to their basement.

Fast forward to this past June, where I was very far behind on making baby gifts, and suddenly remembered that the only thing that machine did well was stockinette stitch. It only took me three evenings to make all the squares! I knew I wouldn't be able to sew the squares together invisibly, so I made it a design feature. Actually, that blanket stitch took the longest of everything for the whole project.

Do I feel like I cheated? Heck no. It was the difference between giving a good friend's baby a gift while he was still a baby, or waiting until he was six. Besides, I love how it turned out, very bright and cheerful!