Just Ducky Baby Sweater

Project Stats
Pattern:Sirdar #3962, Knit Baby Head & Toes  Started:3/21/2004 
Yarn: Sirdar Baby Care, Sirdar Snuggly Poppet  Completed:4/3/2004 
Needles: US 5/US 2  For: Benjamin Rowan C. 
4/3 - Completed sweater

I also knit a little beret to match, and used the extra button I had bought as a decoration.

I was looking for something to make for my cousin's baby, but wouldn't you know it - none of the yarn I had in my stash would play nicely with any of the patterns on my shelf! The only solution, of course, was to go shopping!
This is a really quick, easy knit. The ducks are a fuzzier yarn, so they feel very soft to the touch. I found the perfect duck buttons, too, but of course they only had one left in stock, so I had to visit another yarn shop to find the rest.
3/31 - Benjamin arrived today! I'd better finish up those seams and hide the ends!

(Oh, my! Please excuse all my ends hanging out!)