Giant Felted Slippers

Project Stats
Pattern:Fiber Trends felted clogs  Started:11/26/2003 
Yarn: Babajoes Woolpak 10 ply  Completed:12/21/2003 
Needles: US 13 Addi Turbos  For: Michael, Grandpa 

It's just a matter of perspective. You could choose to believe that the slippers in the middle are childrens' slippers...or, you could believe me when I tell you that they are womens' size 8, and the slippers on either side are destined to be felted.

The slippers on the left, in colors Oatmeal and Bracken, should felt to a mens' size 11. The ones on the right, in colors Charcoal and Mallard, should felt to a mens' size 7. Right now, they both look impossibly huge, so we'll see if it works. Felting is one part magic, one part scientific fact, and several parts luck.

Post-felting pictures will have to wait until after the recipients (and I) get brave enough to throw them in the washer for a couple of hours.