Moebius Scarf

Project Stats
Pattern:Fiber Trends Moebius Scarf  Started:9/26/2003 
Yarn: K1C2 Doucier de Soie  Completed:11/30/2003 
Needles: Size 7 Crystal Palace bamboo, 35"  For: Mom 

Ta-da! It's a...well...scarf-shawl thing, in the shape of a moebius (a circle with a half-twist, so it only has one surface and one edge). It's totally seamless, except for three edge stitches which were grafted at the very end. I would definitely knit this pattern again, even though it was such fine yarn that there were almost 400 stitches in each row...each of which took over 30 minutes to knit.

Here's a close up of the stitch texture. (The picture above is more accurate color-wise.) It's a fairly simple reversible lace pattern. What makes it reversible is the fact that it's garter stitch lace...and when you work garter stitch in the round, it means: purl every other round. Ugh. Now you know why it took 30 minutes a round.

Can't say much about this one right now, except to say it's the oddest thing I've ever started knitting in my life. It proves that I am, indeed, a knit-nerd. (I know, I know, what a horrible tease I am!) I'll leave you with a picture of the lovely swatch. And yes, that is mohair, and no, it is not giving me a horrible allergic reaction...yet, anyway.