Henry's Dragon Cardie

Project Stats
Pattern:Family Circle Easy Knitting Holidy Issue 2003, Sirdar #3115  Started:11/14/2003 
Yarn: Patons Astra (multiple colors)  Completed:11/28/2003 
Needles: Size 4 Susan Bates, 29"  For: Henry 

This sweater went pretty quickly. The pattern in FCEK only went up to a 9-12 month size, but I wanted more like a 3-4 year size...so I used the Sirdar pattern for the sizing (after all, the basic sweater is really just a hooded raglan cardigan) and the FCEK pattern for the embellishment. I did all the motifs using intarsia rather than duplicate stitch. I also figured out a way to knit the pockets right in, instead of sewing them on later - I imagine it will be sturdier this way. One other tiny change was that I didn't put a drawstring in the hood, since it didn't seem to be a safe thing to do. Oh, and the last change is - I think it looks more like a dragon than a dinosaur, which is what the pattern called it. So, it's a dragon sweater, because I say it is.

Here's a closer look at the dragon peeking out of the pockets:

Other neat details: the "GRRRRR" written on each sleeve (do dragons say "GRRRRR"?) and the scales along the hood and back. After I finished sewing the strip of scales on, I thought about how it might have made more sense to make them detachable somehow. Of course it would be after. But I really couldn't come up with anything that didn't leave fasteners on the back of the sweater, like snaps or buttons, so probably sewing them on was good enough.

This project is going to be fun! Please ignore the hideous duplicate stitch on the swatch. I got that far through the motif and decided that intarsia is definitely the way to go with this one. I had no idea how difficult it was to make the stitches even with duplicate stitch.

There are several other colors involved in this project, I'll try to post a picture of them all before the mystery is revealed!

This is also my first attempt at scanning a swatch instead of taking a picture. I think it came out well, even though I had to play a bit to get the right color.