Michelle's Rainbow Sherbert Sweater

Project Stats
Pattern:Sirdar 3113  Started:10/15/2003 
Yarn: Jaeger Baby Merino DK, shade 0212  Completed:11/3/2003 
Needles: Size 6 Susan Bates, 29"  For: Michelle 

Presenting: the Rainbow Sherbert Sweater! This project started with the yarn, then a simple hooded raglan cardigan pattern. I found the cutest pastel heart buttons in all of the shades in the yarn, too! Here's a close-up of the eyelet detail on the sleeves and button bands:

This is the softest, prettiest yarn I've ever made this type of item in. It makes me think of rainbow sherbert! Of course, until the secret is revealed, that and the swatch is about all you're going to get. Sorry!