Knit Mitten Kit Swap Bag

Project Stats
Pattern:Bags - A Knitter's Dozen  Started:1/6/2007 
Yarn: Cascade 220  Completed:1/16/2007 
Needles: US 10  For: my kmks pal 

1/16/07 - needle felting is fun!
Felting is like magic. In goes a loose, odd-looking piece of fabric, out comes this:

My favorite part of the whole project was the needle felting. I made a swatch to play with, figuring it could become a pocket if it worked or just disappear in shame if it didn't. I needn't have worried - needle felting is super, super easy. I definitely plan to do more of this!

1/14/07 - let the felting begin!
The knitting is done. It's hard to believe that something this enormous and floppy is going to become a cute, sturdy little handbag after a trip (or twelve) through the washing machine!

There are things which were different about the construction of this bag that I'm not sure I liked, and I'm a little worried about how it will look post-felting. First, it was knit flat and sewn up. And I just have to say, seaming dark green yarn is kind of...hard. (This didn't stop me from going back to the yarn shop and buying these exact same colors of yarn to make myself a sweater. What can I say, I obviously need help of some sort.) Second, the instructions said to sew the bottom gussets, the handle, and the snap on pre-felting. I was worried about whether it would pucker as it felted, so I didn't. Hopefully I won't regret that when it's dry and ready to assemble...

1/6/07 - the materials:


Here are all the supplies I need to create the bag for my knit mitten kit swap pal. I'm making the bag on the cover of the book. Somehow the time got away from me, though, and I have to knit, felt, embellish, stuff and mail this sucker in 10 days. Wish me luck!