Baby Poncho

Project Stats
Pattern:Sirdar #1516  Started:10/7/2004 
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly Baby Care, shade 356  Completed:5/2005 
Needles: US 4/3.5 mm, US 2/3 mm  For: Baby-to-be 

So I actually finished this mid-May of last year, but I never got around to taking pictures of it and posting about finishing it. That's OK though, because I can post pictures of Carrie wearing it now since I waited! It's still a bit big and will probably fit next year too. I think Carrie is slightly confused about the fact that it doesn't have sleeves - she gets that sweaters go over her head and then she has to put her hands through the armholes, but there's no place for her hands to go in the poncho. Plus it's not terribly practical in the carseat. But it sure is cute!

I've been wanting to knit a poncho lately, and a shop sample of this pattern caught my eye. It's a cute little cabled thing, and since it's a baby poncho, it's not much of a time investment for something that's probably not even going to be trendy by the time baby fits into it. (I'm making the 1-2 year size, but I'll probably put it on her this spring!) The yarn really does almost glow that way, although not quite - the lighting was a little odd when I took the picture! I'm almost half-way to the neck shaping already!

This would probably make a good beginner's cable project, since there are only two actual cable crossings in it, and only on 2 rows of the 8-row pattern. I contemplated making fancier cables, but it's cute this way.