Bunny Blanket Buddy

Project Stats
Pattern:Lion Brand #50722 (requires registration)  Started:2/15/2007 
Yarn: Lion Brand Velvetspun, color #144 (lavender)  Completed:2/17/2007 
Needles: US 10.5/US 8  For: Carolyn 

I ran across the pattern for this on the Lion Brand website, and thought it might be a cute, quick baby gift. It's definitely cute, and definitely quick! I did change a few things about the construction - mainly so I could work the head in the round, as the purl a stitch, slip a stitch thing was painfully slooooooow. I also decided to gather the neck a bit after all was said and done, so I might re-work the neck and head shaping next time to avoid having to do that. In all, it maybe took 6 hours of knitting time, and that included knitting half the head and ripping it out so I could do it in the round instead.

Before I stitched the face on, Carrie was convinced it was "a ellophant!" I could have used the extra yarn to knit and stuff a trunk, but the floppy ears would have been all wrong for an elephant. She likes it equally well as a bunny, and I'm sold on it being a good baby gift.