Film Cameras

I really only have one legitimate film camera. I did have an Advantix camera at one point, that I think someone else might have adopted. The rest of my film cameras qualify as novelty cameras.
Canon Rebel G
This was my first SLR. I had used my Dad's old Konica, which (being a completely metal body) weighed a ton. When I went to pick this one up in the store, I nearly tossed it over my head - I hadn't expected it to be so light. I learned about f-stops and apertures on this camera. I learned to distinguish a good picture from a bad one, and learned to become a true film snob. I took many, many pictures with this camera, and still do occasionally. It hasn't been used very often since I started taking digital pictures. It will continue to travel as a second body to it's digital brother when I want to take black & white pictures, or just have a backup for peace of mind.
All-Paper Camera
This qualifies as a work of art. I still need to find a good way to support the camera to take pictures with it, but it should, theoretically, work. Assuming I put it together correctly! Gory details about its construction can be found here.
more to come...