Orange Cabled Hoodie

Project Stats
Pattern:Robin Hood Jacket - Adorable Knits for Tots  Started:8/4/2004 
Yarn: Rowan Cork  Completed:9/14/2006 
Needles: US 7 (ribbing), US 8 - bamboo  For: the pumpkin baby! 

I actually finished this sweater two years ago. The knitting, that is. I couldn't decide on buttons (it didn't help that I couldn't go shopping for them myself at the time) and since it wasn't meant to fit until this fall I sort of forgot about it. Well, the perfect buttons were sitting in my button box when I finally decided to sew on whatever I had. I'm glad I finally finished this up, because it fits Carrie perfectly and is the perfect weight for a fall jacket.

I picked out this pattern before I knew whether I was having a girl or a boy, figuring it could work for either. And, well, since I loooove orange yarn, and the baby's due in October, we're going pumpkin-colored with this one. I'm making the 2-3 year old size, and I'm probably slightly insane, because the yarn is hand wash/dry flat. Ah, well. I'm a first-time mom, I'm allowed to do silly things like this, right?

8/7 - Both sleeves done.
Here are the sleeves! I decided to do them first, because they're small, easy, and nearly instant gratification. (Plus, then I can't succumb to second-sleeve syndrome!) The sweater is drop-shoulder, so there is no sleeve shaping beyond the increases - like I said, easy! The back will be cast on shortly, and being the biggest piece will probably take a little longer...

8/14 - Back finished(?)
The back is done, more or less. I think I'd prefer to do a three-needle bind-off, and to not have to pick up stitches for the hood, so I left all the stitches on a holder. This way I can decide later, right? I'm really surprised this piece only took me a week, because at first those cable rows seemed to take forever and a day, but now I've got the pattern memorized - the front pieces should just fly!