A Hat For Sloan

Project Stats
Pattern:none...k2, p2 rib until it's time to decrease!  Started:1/31/2007 
Yarn: Trekking XXL color #133  Completed:2/3/2007 
Needles: US 2/3 mm KnitPicks circulars  For: Sloan Lola 

I ran across some Treking XXL sock yarn during a sale and bought it thinking it would make lovely girly baby hats. I love sock yarn for baby hats, because it makes them a really nice weight and they wind up striped without any extra ends to hide.

Here's the hat modeled on Carrie's stuffed lion. It's quite stretchy, and the brim can be longer or shorter. Hopefully it will fit, as the baby in question is currently only 6 weeks old.