Autumn Throw

Project Stats
Pattern:Autumn Throw from Lion Brand  Started:9/2002 
Yarn: various Lion Brand yarns  Completed:9/13/2004 
Needles: US 17     

I don't really know when I started this. It was after I re-wallpapered the family room, which was fall of 2001, but I think I might have started it the following year... Whatever, I put it down with only 5 stripes left to go. And there it sat. It is a monstrously huge throw. I'm sure it qualifies as more of an afghan. It's really heavy. And it sheds a lot. But the colors are perfect, and it's soft and cuddly.

I decided to leave off the fringe, mainly because it's really heavy already, and it would just be an extra temptation for the dogs to snack on. I do like how the different textures work together, but I don't think I'd use some of these yarns again. Especially the chenille. Did I mention how much it sheds? Plus, that yarn alone makes it hand-wash only. Um, right. When it needs washing, it can go in the washer on the delicate cycle, and whatever happens is ok by me...