Carolyn's Birth Record

Project Stats
Pattern:Brooke's Books Publishing - Autumn Baby Girl Sunshine Line  Started:10/2006 

I've made cross-stitched birth records for all of our nieces and our nephew for their first birthdays. Carrie is 2 years and 3 months old, and does not have one yet. I feel like such a bad mom. But the delay did allow me to find the absolute perfect pattern (kit)! It's the Autumn Baby Girl Sunshine Line from Brooke's Books Publishing.

I started this shortly before Carrie's second birthday, but almost immediately had to drop it to work on Christmas gifts. I've spent several evenings over the past few weeks working on it though, and the largest piece is nearly finished - of course, the smaller pieces are much more detailed and will probably take longer to do, but I have hope that this will at least be finished before Carrie turns three!