Fuzzy Stash Scarf

Project Stats
Pattern:see below.  Started:11/29/2003 
Yarn: Muench Furrari (M4404), Naturally Mohair (23), Mikado Ribbon (7301B), Plymouth Firenze (445)  Completed:11/30/2003 
Needles: US 15 Circulars  For: Grandma 

This is the easiest scarf ever. I cast on 144 stitches, then knit garter stripes using different combinations of the yarns above, always using two per row. It ended up about 6" wide, and about 6' long. The fun part was picking out the yarns - from my stash! I didn't think I had a stash until I noticed a few lonely single skeins, mostly bought for swatching purposes...they all coordinated so nicely, and just so happened to be colors that were perfect for my grandma. So, a couple of evenings later, voilá, instant Christmas gift!