Estonian Garden Wrap

Project Stats
Pattern:Fiber Trends Estonian Garden Wrap & Scarf, #S-2009  Started:3/2004 
Yarn: Jager Farm Icelandic Lace Weight, color: Poppies  Completed: 
Needles: Crystal Palace, US size 5     
August 22, 2006: Back in rotation! I started this wrap while we were in Italy. I think I even managed to knit a few repeats of the lace after we came home. And then...then it sat in my craft room in a nice plastic baggie - I highly recommend the 2 gallon Hefty one-zip bags for storing small-to-medium projects with their instructions - until last week. I had 6 out of 41 repeats of the 8-row lace pattern done, and I've added one and a half since then. This is going to take me a while!

I'm guessing I abandoned it because it's not garter stitch lace. You have to purl every wrong-side row. And I'm knitting it on bamboo needles, which are gripping the wool very nicely, but making purling across very tedious. (Let's be honest, I'd think purling was tedious even on Addi's.) I'm going to attempt to get two or three repeats done per week on this project. At that rate, it might be done by the end of the year!