Living Room Redux

Project Stats
Pattern:N/A  Started:2002 

My living room redecorating project. It started with a couch - we were actually looking for a new sofa for the family room, but this wonderful blue sofa was exactly what I eventually wanted in the living room. Actually, it started with a watercolor painting, done by my Great-Great Aunt.

The painting:
This isn't a great picture of the painting - one of these days I'll try to retake it with better lighting. Anyway, it started my obsession with having a blue couch for the living room.

This is the room before I changed the curtains (but after we got the new furniture - I'm so bad at taking true "before" pictures, since I'm always much too eager to start a proejct.)

This is the room with the new curtains. This picture was taken at night, so you can't see the way the light kind of glows through the panels, but trust me, it does.
Here's the first of the four pillows I'm making to go on the sofa and loveseat. I'll post the pattern one of these days, since I couldn't find just a basic pillow pattern anywhere online and had to make it up as I went along.