Icelandic Lace Shawl

Project Stats
Pattern:Pieceworks, Jul/Aug '96 pp. 36-39  Started:4/18/2003 
Yarn: Jamieson's 2-ply Shetland  Completed:6/8/2003 
Needles: 32" size 4 Addi Turbos     

This project is all my mom's fault. Here I was, knitting away at the flower sweaters, when a magazine got dropped in my lap...

Of course, a trip to the yarn shop was in order, and I gathered together all sorts of lovely colors for my shawl. Not that brown, gray and ivory are bad, necessarily, but I decided I wanted to work with yummier colors!

Here's the shawl at three weeks. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to run out of light gray yarn before I run out of area to knit light gray yarn!

Nope, I managed it, with two yards left:

It's amazing what a little bit of water and 210 blocking pins will get you! (The shawl is so big it's kind of hard to take a picture of.)

The orginal plan had been to add the peach yarns, but I loved the green/blue/purple/grey combination, and couldn't quite see peach fitting in with it. So, I stuck with the original set of colors, and I absolutely love how it turned out. It's sort of muted and delicate, and very natural. It reminds me of flowers on a spring morning right after it's rained.

A little bit of detail from the border. The 691 stitches in the last three rows went a lot faster than I'd expected. The 189 crochet loops for the fringe took days!